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Karakura Defender (Ichigo) [Oct. 19th, 2005|10:23 am]
Evil Yaoi Girls Club


I'm finally back in the living world again. I've been finally back for a week or so now. Rukia didn't come with us when we returned, unfortunately. I kinda expected it, so I'm not too surprised. We left a big mess there, that's why I'm still working for them. Not that the mess was our fault, but we were the convenient excuse for staging a coup - thank you traiterous captains. It was their fault Rukia was in danger in the first place.

Over the course of the time we spent recovering, we got to know the other captains pretty well. Especially Zaraki Kenpachi on my end, this insanely strong guy I beat who wants a rematch. I think he's lost a few braincells from repeated blows to the head.

This mess did a number on their ranks, and I secretly hope they recover. Pissed off immortals with demon powers aren't something people want roaming free. Never mind the Hollows they defeat.

Karin told me today she knew I was a Shinigami. She told me she's known a long time. I'm not really surprised, even though I tried to deny it at first. Karin is really smart and she can see the Hollows, so I guess that would mean she can see me. Plus I've been leaking spirit power everywhere. Yuzu however, is still unaware. She smiled and hugged me and asked me how my trip was. I only put up with her sappiness cause she's my sister. My dad implied I was doing something dirty again so I told him to go to hell. Everything seems to be normal here.

Seems like when I go to the Inne now, there's this Naoji guy hanging around. He's from Japan in 1930-something. Interesting guy, he's learning about becoming a noble...or something like that. Let's see...let's see...I haven't talk to Dark in awhile, which is too bad, but I guess I'll see him again soon. Then there's Mama Kudou who hit me with her spoon, who I see off and on. Then...then..

Too bad Inoue doesn't come with me on these things. She's really good with names. Damn, the time...Chad's going to be here any minute and I don't want to be caught writing in a diary. Ick. Although...I doubt he'd care considering he does things like pick up randomly possessed cockatiels.

(That made me laugh and Chad came in and asked me what, then he read over my shoulder and says in his defence "Only once." Thankfully everything else was on the other side of the page)

Uh oh, Yuzu's got ahold of Chad. I'd better go before he ends up in a dress...*snickering* Okay maybe not. Maybe I'll wait here for just a minute more.