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Banishing Guns and Prayer Beads [Sanzo] [Oct. 1st, 2005|09:05 pm]
Evil Yaoi Girls Club


[mood |bored]

Something has occured to me of late. One of those things that makes you wonder why the hell it popped into your head. It's probably because I've actually started really noticing the shit that goes on around me at the Inne. I never really gave a flying fuck before, but now...

Now that I'm not intentionally blinding myself, I can see just what's going on around me at the Inne.

With the exception of two women, the Inne's population is male-heavy. In the past, it had made me think it was just some kind of screwed up little "love hotel" for male-to-male sexual interactions. But, with some of the people who have come here, I'm not so sure now.

Gojyo, Hakkai, Yohji, Zidane, Irvine, Squall, Kougaiji, Ky, Billy, Leon, Raphael... There is nothing about these people that can be considered "queer". Nothing what-so-ever. Each one of them has simply taken hold of an opportunity for happiness with both hands and refuses to let go no matter what.

So what if that happiness lies in the arms of another man, it's their business.

Not a single one of these people are "fags" or "queers". They're men of different races, backgrounds, ages, problems, and worlds. Not a god-damn one of them have "turned homo" or "gone gay" just because they happen to take sexual gratification from other men. A man doesn't have to be into other men sexually in order to see another person's 'finer' qualities. Likewise, pleasure is pleasure regardless of who it comes from, man or woman. Just because I don't find myself aroused at the thought of a woman's touch doesn't mean that, say, Kudou doesn't. I'm just pickier than he is - by a long shot.

There is one train of thought that makes this entire stupid little "essay" worthwhile to me. It puts a smile on my face every time I think about it.

I almost feel sorry (but I probably won't) for whatever stupid bastard makes the mistake of calling anyone of these men "fags"... because I know the ass kicking they get as a result will be brutal and well-earned.